Crepe soles

Real crepe has been an integral part of our collections since the first range was created 6 years ago. With this in mind, we thought is might be worth sharing insight into what it is and why we use it.

Traditionally, a crepe sole is made from colloidal latex, which is the material that is separated from rubber at a microscopic level (a separation similar in principle, to that of say milk from butterfat). It is then pressed into sheets, a textured surface forms and is left to dry.

Technicalities over with, now for why we choose to use it. The true value of crepe is in its comfort. With it being a natural rubber, it characteristically has high levels of bounce and flexibility, which is an ideal marriage when combined with the upper of a shoe. And of course its pure form sits perfectly with the Northern Cobbler ethos, we do like our materials to be natural!


Northern Cobbler
Northern Cobbler