About Us

Northern Cobbler was created by two individuals with a passion for footwear and a desire to own their own brand. We often talked about our aspirations (usually with a cup of tea & teacake in hand!) with the intention of only creating coveted shoes with design and quality being the focal points. However, in order to achieve our goals to the best of our abilities we felt that we needed to gain more experience in our respective fields of design & buying. We did just that and 7 years later the brand was born.

Northern Cobbler is an English brand that creates handcrafted, high quality, traditional footwear with a witty personality. The design process and attention to detail are where our passions lie, and prevail in each and every piece of footwear in our range. We strive to carefully select the best materials to ensure that our shoes always look and feel beautiful and well made. This would not be achievable without enlisting the skill and expertise of unique craftsman.

You may or may not be aware that many of the finest cobblers in the world carve their trade in Portugal & England. We have had the pleasure of working with such craftsmen, watching them in their shoemaker's workshop, creating footwear of outstanding quality. Northern Cobbler is proud to say that all of our shoes are crafted in these beautiful countries.