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Sweet citrus, honey & chocolate notes  

Region_ San Salvador
Process_ Natural
Varietal_ Red Bourbon
Altitude_ 1300m
Farm_ San Antonio Amatepac



Finca San Antonio Amatepac has been operating since 1970 in El Salvador and have focused primarily on speciality coffee production through sustainable methods with a focus on shade grown speciality coffee production. They have also continued to focus on a commitment to the care of the environment and the development of the local community. For the third time, Finca San Antonio Amatepec has been certified by the rainforest alliance and hold a rating of 95.75% on average.

Run by three sisters who grew up visiting the farm every other weekend to see their father (the founder) but as time passed and their father aged, they decided to become more involved, learning from their father and attending workshops on coffee farming to better understand how to look after the farm. Part of the farm is located in what used to be El Salvador's only theme park and a section of it was only accessible via cable cars (like in ski slopes) until recently. 

The coffee is a natural bourbon grown at 1,200 masl, processed by hand at the farm and is particularly special to the sisters because most of it was processed on Christmas Eve, a day more important in El Salvador than Christmas day, due to the mill having to close. During the holidays is when most of El Salvador's coffee is ripening stage and since it doesn't stop ripening, it must be picked.

They had never processed that much coffee before in a day and were sure they would be working through the night at the farm but all the employees offered to stay on and help out to get the job done, which they did, by early evening. A few days later the sisters and employees had their holiday celebrations at the farm together, as one big family.  
This is a coffee with an amazing back story, and it represents the start of a new era for this Coffee Plantation in El Salvador.