Hario Compact hand coffee grinder

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The Hario hand coffee grinder is compact, lightweight and ideally suited to preparing fresh coffee for 1 - 2 people with an easy hand operation. Simply pop your roasted beans in the burrs and turn the the handle until the beans are ground (like grinding pepper out of a pepper mill).

The importance of freshly ground coffee in any brewing set-up is incredibly important and the Hario compact coffee mill, with its ceramic burrs for durability and superior grinding, is ideally suited for a quick and consistent grind.  


  • Adjustable for precise grind
  • Ideal for 1 - 2 people
  • Small & lightweight
  • Cubicle holds 24grams
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Large metal handle 


    • Ceramic Burrs
    • Strong plastic cubicle
    • Metal handle