We are coffee roasters & shoe crafters

Why coffee and shoes? It's quite simple really, Northern Cobbler (the footwear brand) was founded a decade ago. When we chose to open our retail store 5 years down the line, we decided it might be a nice gesture to offer our patrons a speciality coffee and, therefore Northern Cobbler coffee was born. 

Our Coffee


Our Shoes

Shoes are where it all began, with our passion for design and love of the craft. In our humble opinion, the smell of an expertly tanned hide is just as pleasing as the wonderful aroma of freshly ground coffee (often the two have been enjoyed simultaneously!). We work closely with highly respected factories with a similar ethical mindset to ourselves. Sourced from Europe and around the world to carefully piece together our collections.

'Simply the best coffee in Leicester, with great service...'

Paul Kowalski, Tripadvisor

'Delicious shoes and fashionable coffee.'

Sam Parker, Tripadvisor

'The stuff they cobble together is fantastic!'

SierraAlphaFoxtrot, Tripadvisor

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