From shoes to coffee 

Northern Cobbler was established back in 2010 by Feroza and Steffan, as a high-quality, contemporary footwear label. We travelled the world, from Europe, to India, to the Americas, visiting manufacturers, exhibiting at international trade fairs and exploring what the world had to offer. During this period, we discovered a taste for the vast and vibrant world of speciality coffee and what initially started out as a hobby, soon became a bit of an obsession.  


We opened our first retail store in 2015, in the fashionable Clarendon Park area of Leicester and have been a focal point of the city ever since. We now three stores with more in the pipeline. All designed to immerse you into our world, pairing noteworthy coffee & food with a selection of ethical lifestyle goods.



Due to the ever increasing demand for our coffee, both in our stores and at home, we committed to roasting in-house. for our stores and e-commerce customers along with our network of business partners. We’ll always continue to experiment and try new varieties to deliver fresh interest to our customers at the same quality and value they rightfully expect from Northern Cobbler.

Our Objectives & Values

Our objectives and mission statement have changed slightly over the years but the core has always remained the same; to create things that have longevity in their use and aesthetic using quality ingredients. 

Every step of our journey has been driven by passion and by how much we enjoy what we do. If we’re not enjoying what we’re doing then we’re doing it wrong.

Our core values are built around integrity (doing the right thing when nobody else is looking). We select green beans that are ethically sourced, only use biodegradable & recyclable packaging to minimise and even repurpose the chaff produced during the coffee roasting process for composting. Whatever it is, you can be certain we'll continue to strive to do the right thing. 

Ethics & Sustainability

Ethical and sustainable are words that are now used all the time, especially in the coffee and fashion industry.  Whilst travelling we have seen the effects of and therefore, the necessity for ethical and sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices both in coffee and fashion to preserve our environment and do our bit.

That’s why we have taken measures to ensure we operate sustainably and ethically at all levels of our business, a promise that we make to our customers and an ethos that we will never change.